Best Places to Sell Used iPhone 4

With the iPhone 5 release date closing in , many users may want to sell off their iPhone 4 to buy the new iPhone 5 which is rumored to have more processing power and even slimmer design than its predecessor . Here are few places listed below where you can sell your used iphone 4 and get good resale value .

sell iphone 4

  • : Amazon Trade In Store lets you sell your iPhone 4 for a good price and get an amazon gift card instead of cash for the same value . Get $338 for AT&T Locked iPhone 4 16GB and $171 for scratched but in acceptable condition.
  • : This is one of the best places to register and sell your used devices . List your item and quote your best price . You can also choose to sell in an auction-style listing format where buyers can bid for your product . Ship the item to the buyer and get paid via PayPal.
  • : This is one of the top portals to recycle and reuse electronics including iPhone’s . You have to send your device to Gazelle and once they receive your used cell phones , kit is inspected to make sure their condition matches your evaluation. Then they send you your payment. We checked the prices and they were offering $275 for iPhone 4 16GB with zero scratches and $85 for a broken phone .
  • : Similar to services offered by Gazelle , NextWorth is also a good place to sell your iPhone 4 online . Get a quote for your used item and then send it to them. They inspect and send the payment via Check or PayPal .
  • : If you want to get more return out of your old device, it is always a good idea to sell it directly to an individual, instead of an online store like Nextworth or Gazelle. The reason behind this is many individual people would want to buy the iPhone 4 for personal use and are willing to give you a some extra cash for your slightly used phone . Craigslist is a known place to put your device on sale .

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