Family Gets Five iPads From Best Buy By Mistake, Told To “Keep Them”

Electronics retailer Best Buy seem to be getting into the holiday spirit. One customer who ordered an iPad costing $499 as a present for her son was shocked to open the box and find 5 of them.  The family attempted to get in touch with Best Buy customer services about the mistake but couldn’t get a response, so they tried the next best thing and contacted The Consumerist. They stepped in to help her and contacted Best Buy on her behalf.


Best Buy responded to the customer by thanking her for her honesty, acknowledging a mistake had been made but told her to keep the extra iPads “in the spirit of the holidays”.  A second customer has since come forward, stating that he too received an extra 4 iPads but, on checking his invoice saw he had only paid for 1.  He was successful in talking to customer services but was also told to keep them or try to return them to a Best Buy retail store. He has decided to keep his unopened for the time being, in case Best Buy change their minds and want them back.

best-buy-free ipad 4 invoice

It may interest those that don’t know that, under Federal Trade Commission rules, if goods are wrongly shipped to a customer they have the right to keep them. So, bearing in mind that it would not be a legal requirement for you to return them, what would you do in the same situation?  Or could this just be a very clever marketing ploy by Best Buy themselves, in a bid to get more consumers to purchase an iPad in the hope of getting a freebie – or 4 ?