10 Benefits of iPhone 5 over any Android Phone

So here we’re going to talk about 10 reasons that make the iPhone better than any Android phone out there. So for those who are looking into purchasing a new smart phone and are considering an iPhone, curious as to Apple’s success or downright astounded by it, this is for you.

iphone 5 vs android phone

10. Simplicity

Let’s get rid of the normal overused ones right away. Simplicity is heralded as one of the iPhone’s biggest assets.

So where people severely under-estimate the importance of this first point is if they believe that smartphones are hard to use, too ‘techy’ for them or they are too old. And here I’m saying seriously that older people should definitely consider an iPhone if they want to upgrade to a smart phone. It so gorgeously uncomplicated that anyone can learn to use it and enjoy everything it has to offer.

9. App Store

The second over used reason – the App Store. The biggest store out there. Apple offers a huge range of tools to its app developers because it knows, and its customers know, that the App Store isn’t just an option on the phone, it is a huge selling point, and one that can sway customers in Apple’s favour.

appstore vs google play

I mentioned above that the simplicity allows older people to use the phone in a way that they wouldn’t be able to use an Android, and the App Store only adds to the accessibility of the phone. Apps that remind people to take their medicine, report problems in their local area and even allow them to care for virtual animals making this phone, in extreme circumstances a lifesaver, in most cases a fun, boredom-bashing, easy to use gadget.

The App Store caters for everyone: disabled people, those with special needs, the elderly, children, adults, teenagers, businessmen and women, travelers, adventurers, photographers, musicians, artists, authors, social butterflies and pretty much every other type of person you can think of.

8. Screen

Ok. Here I am probably going to cause raised eyebrows and headshakes. Yes I believe the screen is a selling point and one that trumps other Android handsets. It seems that as an ever-changing and updating world technology seems to be similar to a pendulum. It’s swung from the ‘brick’ phones of many years ago to tiny little ones and now back again to huge phones with massive screens.

iPhone-5-Galaxy-S-III vs iphone 5

I held a Galaxy Note and admired its beautiful screen, razor-sharp resolution and awesome graphics. But it’s so huge that this beast wouldn’t fit in my jeans pocket. A lovely phone, but completely unsuitable for someone with small hands and normal sized trousers. Obviously the Note is an extreme example but it cannot be ignored that Android phones are becoming more like tablets everyday. The iPhone does almost anything you can think of, but it is, still, primarily a phone. If you want a tablet buy the iPad.

See the Video :

7. Security

Being part of the Mac family means that iPhone is a lot more resistant to hacks and security issues. The exclusion of the NFC chip in the iPhone 5 caused Samsung to film an advert in which customers waiting for the iPhone 5 see Samsung owners using the NFC technology to swap data. How many Android owners know that the NFC chip poses a security risk ? Any of the wonder if that might be the reason for the exclusion ?


Hackers are able to steal information off NFC devices as long as they are in close range, such as a queue. Updates by Android fixed the problem before any serious damage could be done, but the worry about ‘what if ?’ remains. The technology is still a prime target for those with le honourable intentions than just swapping holiday photos.

Obviously Apple are not impervious to security issues but when you buy an iPhone you know that Apple do all they can to minimize the possibility of a hack.

6. Connectivity

AirPlay, Apple TV, Time Machine, Thunder Bolt and now Lightning. If you buy or plan on buying, more than one Apple product you are guaranteed seamless integration and connectivity. Apple approaches their products as a way of life. Despite the fact they bring out an iPhone a year they don’t look upon their products as one hit wonders or throwaway technology. Why else would iPhone 4 users be getting that up about the lack of turn-by-turn and flyover options on the maps on the iOS 6 ?

iphone 5 airplay-mirroring

Because an iPhone is an investment and they cost enough to be considered as much. Workarounds are available for the iPhone 4, and that is a different story, but it stills shows that people don’t buy their Apple gadgets to think about throwing them away in a year.

5. Durability

The recent drop test featuring a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the new iPhone 5 resulted in the Samsung breaking and the iPhone with a few scratches but an otherwise unharmed screen and casing.

iphone 5 drop test

I honestly think for anyone considering a smart phone the pure physical strength of this phone has to be taken into account. Of course it isn’t invincible but it is a remarkable in its toughness. The fact the S3 took two drops to break the screen isn’t just worrying it’s almost a con. The S3 is only slightly cheaper, and sure it has some features the iPhone doesn’t, but how long would it last in the real world of accidents and unsafe situations ?

4. Fun

A mobile phone is not just for phone calls and text messages any more, with apps changing and evolving all the time phones have become gaming devices and serious boredom busters. So why is an iPhone better fun-wise ?

The magnitude of the App Store comes into play here again. Not only does it offer the most Apps but also you are guaranteed to get the latest games before Android and, although Android user’s brag about this, a lot of the Apps offer paid and unpaid versions. Angry birds cost 69p, but without the third-party ads slowing it down and causing lag it runs so much better on the iPhone.

  • Photography editing is massive on the iPhone and you can not only taking stunning shots with the 8MP camera but you have, literally, a whole editing studio at your fingertips.iphone 5 apps-
  • Apps for Music are also huge and, yet again, offer a whole music studio for you to do with as you wish. Editing, creating and sharing your masterpieces is nothing but easy on an iPhone and can really bring out the creative spirit in you.dj app iphone 5
  • Health apps for your fitness . Fitness videos and apps with GPS to calculate distance covered with speed .

3. Choice

Android users have choice. A lot of it. Choice of handsets, choice of OS, and of make.

Apple are the only company to make iPhones giving them control, yes, but this also explains everything listed above. Apple don’t have a hundred devices bringing in revenue, they only have one. They therefore have to ensure they bring the best to their costumers because if they didn’t who would buy their products ?

iphone 5 vs android

People used to like Android , the open source mobile OS, which is in stark contrast to the iOS which is a closed source , and that is understandable. But as mentioned above in Number 10 , it is the closed simplicity of the iPhone that attracts people. Specs will only take you so far and then the actual working of the device takes over.

Limited choice of the iPhone will put some people off forever, fair enough, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing because when you buy from Apple’s limited selection you know you are not buying one of many handsets with the technology spread thin, you are buying a device from a company that works to make that one gadget the best it can be.

2. Genius

apple genius

I’m going to keep this section short and sweet. An Apple store with a Genius Bar will look at any Apple product and fix software issues for free, including updates and upgrades, and will replace hardware, and all regardless of whether you are under warranty or not.

Does Android do that ? Didn’t think so.

1. Number One

iphone 5 number 1 smart phone

What else can be said about the iPhone ? We have gone through simplicity, App Store, Screen, Security, Connectivity, Durability, Fun, Choice and Genius.
So what should the number one reason for you to choose an iPhone over Android be ?

How we keep this section short as well ? Because no much else can be said about the iPhone except that it “just works”. The phrase that has become Apple’s mantra because as soon it leaves its box the iPhone works beautifully and is, and always has been, far ahead of its competitors in the smoothness stakes.

When you buy an iPhone you are assured a phone that works, fulfills it’s promises and gives you the minimal amount of grief (as long as you don’t keep chucking it down the stairs) . So how about we leave it at that ? What do you think ? Is iPhone better than Android, are these legitimate reasons to say it is and which one would you choose ?