Benefits of iOS 6 on iPhone 4 – Should you Upgrade

For those iPhone owners who do not feel the need to upgrade every time a new iPhone hits the shelves then you may find yourself with a phone that still works perfectly but that with every iOS upgrade is getting less and less useful.

iPhone 4 iOS 6

The iPhone 4 , only 2 years old, is facing a cull in features when, and if, their owners update them to the newest operating system. Although this has caused exasperation from the owners of the older phones out of the 200 plus features that have been added there are only a few that are incompatible with the iPhone 4. This isn’t too bad considering that Apple no doubt have its reasons for disallowing these features. It may be a hardware issue that makes certain this incompatible or it could be simply that they want people to upgrade. Although the second option is cheeky updating the iOS isn’t compulsory and if you are happy with your current one no one will is going to force you to do it.

New iOS 6 features for iPhone 4 include:

  • Passbook
  • Shared photo stream
  • Facebook integration
  • The new phone options songs as an alarm
  • Calling options ios 6 calling features
  • Lost device mode on Find My iPhone app
  • VIP mail
  • Voice-over improvements
  • Video stabilization and improved accessibility aside from the hearing aid support
  • Find My Friends
  • Redesigned Appstore
  • New features for China
  • Offline Safari reading list
  • New sharing options for photos and videos
  • Improved spotlight search
  • New Game Centre challenges
  • Customized dictionaries
  • Privacy features
  • Do Not Disturb feature do not disturb feature ios 6
  • Updated Safari usability and improved performance
  • New podcast app lots more
  • Emojii icons plus over another hundred features.

iOS 6 Features iPhone 4 Does Not get :

  • 3D Maps
  • Turn by Turn navigation
  • SIRI
  • Panorama on Camera feature
  • Facetime over Cellular

The Jailbreak for the iPhone 4 is already available and this can add allow you to manually add in features that Apple have kept from the devices such as turn-by-turn navigation. No doubt Cydia will have a tweak for this very soon. If you are not due an upgrade, don’t want to or aren’t on contract then the iPhone 4 will still support a huge majority of the important features. The available features of this new update far outweigh the unavailable ones and whether you want to Jailbreak or not you will still be able to get the most out of your phone until you decide to upgrade it. Apple clearly wants as many people to have the most up to date devices, proved by the fact that they have stopped the manufacture of the 3GS. However, you don’t need to have the latest one to benefit from the iOS upgrades.

Anyone who does not want to Jailbreak but is eager for the new features and due an upgrade can obviously get the iPhone 5 in the next few weeks after the initial rush has calmed down. If the iPhone 4 is still in good working order then trading it in will get you money of the new phone. Selling it independently is also an option.

What do you think ? Is it unacceptable for Apple to leave out some of the biggest iOS features on the iPhone 4 ? Or is it inevitable that the older devices will start to miss out as they become obsolete ? Please leave your comments in the comment section below .

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