Battery Drainage Problem UltraSnow 1.2 Unlock

Some users reported that they were having issues with excessive battery usage after unlocking iphone on iOS 4.2.1 using UltraSn0w 1.2 unlock release by Iphone Dev Team few days back. The battery on iphone 3GS was quickly draining even after minimal usage and getting warm at times .


Why Battery is Draining ?

One of the known reasons for the excessive battery usage is due to the phone trying to look for valid Push Certificates. This causes the device to constantly use the WiFi or your network [EDGE or 3G] . Those iphone users who have hactivated their iphone instead of activating will experience this on their phones unlocked on iOS 4.2.1 or iOS 4.1 . UltraSn0w 1.2 unlock is not the cause for the battery drainage and has been confirmed by Iphone Dev Team .

Here is a quick fix for the Battery Drainage Problem by BiggBoss Site :

Solution 1 : Activate your Iphone using the Official Sim Card . Maybe you can get a friend and use his official AT&T Sim card to hactivate your phone. Once activated , use the sim card of your preferred carrier on your unlocked iphone . This will also work if the sim card is not active in your country .

Solution 2 : Download and install SBSettings Jailbreak App and disable EDGE and 3G when the iphone is not under use.

Solution 3 : Subscriber Identification Module based Iphone Activation – Jailbreak Tweak [released 3rd Dec 2010 ]

A third solution is being worked upon that will bring permanent fix to this solution without having to use an official sim card via Cydia Updates .

Quick Battery Saving Tips :

1. Turn off WiFi
2. Turn off Bluetooth
3. Turn off Vibrate Alert
4. Turn Off iPod Equalizer
5. Get an iPhone Car / Vehicle Charger
6. Get a iPhone Battery Extender


7. Turn off Location Services / GPS
8. Cut down telephone calls
9. Reduce Game time
10. Reduce Screen / Display Brightness
11. Activate display of battery percentage
12. Check mail less frequently
13. Activate Auto-Lock with short interval
14. Turn off 3G .
15. Turn off Data Roaming

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