BarCode Reader for iPhone 4

BarCode Reader is a Free to Download bar code scanning app for iPhone 4 . BarCode Reader auto-detects and scans the bar code area and quickly compare the prices of products on various online shopping websites. BarCode Scanner comes in handy to do a quick lookup of the product prices before buying it .

barcode reader iphone 4

Features Include :

  • Real-time scanning of bar code area
  • Share the decoded bar code using email, Facebook or twitter
  • Compare product prices on multiple product related websites.
  • Inbuilt web browser
  • Add to favorites
  • Product prices shown in dollars, pounds or euros.

How to Use ?

To read a Bar Code , launch the BarCode Reader App and point the camera on the code (vertical lines) . Make sure the red line is crossing the barcode lines as shown in the image above . Scanning in other angles may give erroneous results. Allow iPhone 4 camera to auto focus on the object where the code is printed .

Download and Installation :

There are two versions of this product . The Free and Premium version available for $0.99 in AppStore.

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