Avoid Accidental App Deletion – LockDown App

Recently one of my readers Tahir mailed me asking if he can protect his iphone apps from being deleted by his 3-year-old toddler who loves to play with his iphone 4 . Now that is a common problem for iphone users . So I started looking around for a solution to this problem and what I came up with is the following Jailbreak app that can help you save your iphone application from being deleted accidentally .

LockDown : With Lockdown jailbreak app you can now password protect your apps . So there is an added advantage if you want some apps to be locked for privacy reasons .


To protect your apps from being deleted , just goto Settings – Lock App Deletion [shown in image below] . Your apps wont be deleted even if they wiggle .

lock down iphone 4 app deletion protect

To download and install Lockdown , just jailbreak iphone 4 using available jailbreak tool [JailbreakMe,GreenPoison,Limera1n,RedSn0w,Pwnage Tool] and install Cydia. Inside Cydia search LockDown and install it .

If you have any question like Tahir , you can ask in the Iphone 4 Jailbreak Forum and I will be happy to assist you , supported by thousands of Iphone 4 Blog readers .

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