Automatically Reply SMS on iPhone 4

You can automatically reply to text messages on your iphone 4 using auto-responder jailbreak app . This app will automatically respond to text messages when you are unable to take the message and reply . It works just like the auto responder for calls.

Auto Responder-iphone 4-

Uses :

Use it when you are at school, college or office . Dont let your friends disturb you while watching a movie or in deep sleep. AutoResponder lets the sender know that you are unable to text back and they will never feel ignored again .

Custom Messages :

You can customise the message which will be sent automatically when a message is received . There are also available preset messages .

Download and Install :

AutoResponder App is available for $1.50 in BigBoss Repository or for Free in iHackStore . To download , search AutoResponder in Cydia . You must have a jailbroken device to be able to use it . Works on iPhone only .