AT&T to Unlock iPhone 4 Starting 8 April 2012

American users with carrier locked iPhone’s can now unlock their device from the network provider . A recent policy change made by AT&T (quoted below) will allow its customers with locked iPhone’s to get their phone’s off-contract if they have completed the course of their contract or paid to have the contract terminated . If the payments are up-to-date then the company will willingly unlock the iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S so that it can be used with any other carrier of your choice all over the world .

Update : Steps to Unlock iPhone 4 Officially through AT&T

AT&T locked iPhone’s comes with a minimum 1-2 years contract giving the user subsidy on the cost price of the phone over purchasing it directly from the manufacturer (Apple Store) . However to receive this subsidy you get a carrier locked device will not work with any other micro sim card or network for that contract term .

At&t carrier logo name changer

[ Image above : Jailbroken iPod Touch 4 running Fake AT&T Carrier Tweak with Signal Bar Animation ]

Here is the Official statement from At&T :

Beginning Sunday, April 8 2012 , AT&T will offer qualifying customers the ability to unlock their AT&T locked iPhone’s. The only requirements are that a customer’s account must be in good standing, their device cannot be associated with a current and active term commitment on an AT&T customer account, and they need to have fulfilled their contract term, upgraded under one of our upgrade policies or paid an early termination fee.

Stay tuned as we bring you more information about Unlocking iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 . Follow the links below to read more about iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking .

Question Posted by : Luis  in Jailbreak Forum asking : AT&T Unlock iPhone 4 in Portugal

Hi, The problem is I bought an iPhone 4 last year (AT&T sim locked) through Ebay. I just heard through the site that they are unlocking the iPhone officially. I’ve read the tutorials, but the problem is I live in Portugal and cannot reach them through the live chat. Is there anything I can do, besides calling the support phone line ? Thanks in advance .

Answer : Try the new SAM Unlock. No need to pay AT&T the termination fees .