AT&T to Throttle Unlimited Data Usage on iPhone

If you are using your iPhone with unlimited internet plan from AT&T  , this notice is for you . Your provider is going to throttle your data usage very soon. According to latest reports AT&T is going to throttle unlimited data usage from 1st October onwards .

at&t internet speed iphone 4

What does it mean ?

Throttling of internet usage means , after a certain limit of data usage you will experience reduced speeds while surfing and downloading through your iPhone . This will affect the top 5% internet users on AT&T’s unlimited data plan . These customers are categorized as heavy data users by AT&T . However they can still enjoy unlimited internet , but with slower speeds till the end of their current billing cycle . From the next month , internet it will restored back to normal speeds till they hit the limit .

Users will be notified when they reach their limit before the throttling starts and they begin experiencing lower speeds .

How Users are Affected ?

It’s a shame that while Apple is introducing new awesome features like iCloud and Over The Air (OTA) iOS updates, which are data intensive feature , carriers like AT&T are putting in more restrictions into their data usage policies that will deprive iPhone users of a better user experience due to reduced speeds.

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