AT&T Acquires T-Mobile for $39 Billion

Telecom Giant AT&T has acquired T-Mobile USA for a whooping $39 billion. This merger has now made AT&T the largest wireless mobile service provider having its reach to 40% of US mobile market [130 million subscribers according to reports] followed by Version Wireless and Sprint Nextel.

ATT-logo-tmobile iphone 4

The AT&T and T-Mobile merger news came yesterday which now reduces the competition between three national players [AT&T , Verizon Wireless and Sprint].  This deal will most affect the US consumer who used to get competitive pricing from T-Mobile for it data and voice calling plans . T-Mobile offered cheaper wireless services which kept market prices low .

Now the Big Questions is ” Will T-Mobile USA get the iPhone 4 ? ” .

No says T-Mobile executive . T-Mobile USA will remain as an independent company.  AT&T bought T-Mobile from its parent company, Deutsche Telekom for $25 billion in cash and $14 billion in stocks . The acquisition is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months .

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