Most jailbreakers look forward to when a new jailbreak utility is released, anxious to get Cydia onto their devices and start modifying and installing apps and tweaks that we can’t get from anywhere else. Much of what you need to do this can be found in the repositories that are already installed in Cydia but, if you want to download paid content , you must install vShare [ext link] and that requires you to add the AppVV repository to Cydia.

Image : AppVV Download Tutorial

What is AppVV ?

Aside from the popular repos like BigBoss, AppVV is the most used repo in Cydia. It has to be added manually but you can rest assured that it is safe to use and all content has been checked for security by the developers. AppVV [ext link] is the repository you need if you want to install vShare and download your favorite games and apps from the iOS app store without having to pay for them and it is kept up to date with the very latest content by a large group of contributors. While the AppVV developers are facing a backlash from the app and game developers, not to mention Apple themselves, they are determined to continue in the same vein, keeping us all supplied with all the apps we want.

Image : AppVV

Download AppVV on Cydia :

You will not be able to get AppVV or vShare via the official app store as Apple are never going to allow this type of app to get through their security chains. However, getting AppVV repo is simple; all you need to do is add it to Cydia and you can find all the information you need to do that in the links below.

Fixing AppVV Errors :

You should be able to add AppVV repo to Cydia without any hassle but some new users may find themselves facing a couple of common errors when they try to add or remove AppVV. The following guides will walk you through the steps to fixing these errors but, if you can’t or the problem persists you should delete AppVV and start over from the beginning:

Disclaimer :

Using vShare and AppVV repo to download app store apps and games is a form of piracy. We would ask that you use them purely as a way of trying before you buy; if you do find an app or a game that you like, go and purchase it through the proper channels.

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