With jailbreaks being in such short supply these days, and the few that we do have only usable by a certain percentage of users, it isn’t too much of a surprise that other options have started to become available. These options come to us in the form of app installers and, over the last few months, we have seen several of them. Most of them are limited in what they can offer but the latest one, AppToko, provides us with access to content we could once only get through Cydia [ext link], by downloading vShare [ext link], AppSync, Install0us and other similar apps. We’re talking about the paid apps and games for free, one of the main reasons why people jailbreak and AppToko [ext link] is the perfect solution while we wait for the next jailbreak.

Image : Apptoko App Download

What is AppToko ?

AppToko is an app store that is packed with features, bursting with all the paid and premium content you could want, all free. You can download games, ringtones, apps, themes, eBooks, and comics, amongst other things and it works on Android as well as iOS. Look at what AppToko offers :

AppToko Features :

  1. No jailbreak required
  2. iOS and Android users can install AppToko
  3. Easy to download and use
  4. High Speed downloads 
  5. Packed with the very best premium and paid content
  6. Access exclusive content not found anywhere else
  7. Choose from thousands of apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers, themes, comics, eBooks, and much more besides
  8. Download several apps at the same time , many app installers limit you to one at a time
  9. AppToko is available in the English language so easy to understand and find what you are looking for

Download AppToko on iOS or Android :

AppToko is incredibly easy to download and even easier to use. It can be used on Android and iOS devices and we have drawn up step by step tutorials for both platforms , check out the articles below which contain all the instructions and download links you need, as well as details on how to delete it.

AppToko isn’t as comprehensive as Cydia but it is a great alternative for accessing paid content for free while iOS users wait for a new jailbreak and for Android users to join in the fun. Tell us what you think of AppToko and how you get on with it. For more updates and the latest news, follow us on Facebook.



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