AppSync for iOS 4.1 on Jailbroken Devices

The reason you jailbreak your iDevice is to install Cydia . Cydia then lets you install mobile apps (without DRM or Digital Rights Management) on your iPhone 4 or iPod 4 Touch, thus giving you full access to all their unlocked features.

What is App Sync ?

app_syncIf you want to install a iOS apps manually [that is without the help of iTunes], then you have to install it’s .ipa file directly by patching the Mobile Installation file on your iDevice [iphone,ipod,ipad]. AppSync helps you doing just that . It is created to automate the patching process with only a few clicks . To start using App Sync 4.1 version ,  you need to jailbreak your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch . Jailbreak of iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4 is not available now , but as soon as it is out , you’ll be able to install App Sync using the given procedure.

Steps to Install App Sync 4.1 :

  1. Launch Cydia , Select Message
  2. Select Sources , then click Edit , tap Enter
  3. Now enter the following URL app_sync_4.1
  4. Now select Add Source and allow update
  5. Go back to Cydia
  6. Look for App Sync 4.1 and install it

** Note : Try out installing a Free App before installing any cracked app . For more tips & tricks , Subscribe to updates via email.