Apple’s Upcoming HeadQuarter 2015

The spaceship like structure that you see in the image below is actually the next big project by Apple to extend their current Cupertino HeadQuarter  . Jobs said this new building will be ready by year 2015 . When completed it can accommodate more than 12,000 employees . The new facility will be an engineering marvel according to Steve Jobs .

cupertino new building apple
Apple Inc bought 100 acres from Hewlett-Packard last year, after they consolidated their operations a few years back, and now plans to turn that space in addition to 50 acres of its own into a brand new “Campus” . Apple along with the worlds best architects plan to utilize the space and make it more environment friendly with least building footprint and leaving 80% green space. This is made possible with futuristic design and Apple’s knowhow of making great structures which can be seen in Grand Apple Stores worldwide .

apple cupertino office 2015

#Tip : Have you already seen Apple’s state of the art Stores all over the world which are themselves masterpieces .