Apple’s “Pinch to Zoom” Patent Invalid

Apple and Samsung seem to spend much of their time embroiled in legal battles over patent infringements. One of their latest trials ended in August with Samsung being ordered to pay Apple the sum of $1.05 billion for the illegal use of iPhone and iPad features on their Galaxy range of devices.

Pinch to zoom

However, although it is technically over, things have taken another turn after Samsung provided US District judge Lucy Koh with paperwork from USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) regarding the legitimacy of Apples Pinch to Zoom technology. According to USPTO the technology wasnt deemed “original enough to merit a patent” and each and every one of the 21 claims within the patent were rejected.

What is interesting is that this was the pivotal point of the billion dollar lawsuit and although they effectively lost, Samsung may well be hoping that this information will result in either a serious reduction or the outright removal of the hefty fine. In yet another turn, Lucy Koh rejected Apple’s request that 26 Samsung products be removed from the US market following on from the August decision. Apple may have won on paper but, at the moment, they certainly aren’t getting everything their own way.

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