Apple’s Patent to Build Curved Glass Display for iPhone Approved

It’s all happening in the world of mobile phones right now. Not only have both Samsung and Motorola been talking about bringing out phones with flexible displays (in fact, Samsung will be showcasing one at CES 2013) but Apple have now been granted a patent to build a curved glass display for their devices.

samsung galaxy s4 skin (2)

Current glass bending techniques have a lot of drawbacks and, for the use intended by Apple they are flawed.  Apple has built on these techniques to find a better, more suitable way of bending glass. Their patent describes the use of much higher temperatures to shape and mold the glass to the required shape and, being very detailed, it covers the use of all different shapes and sizes of glass. This means that the technique is not just suitable for smaller devices, like the iPhone or iPod but could be used on larger devices such as televisions or computer display monitors.


The granting of this patent does not mean that a curved glass iPhone is imminent. However, it does mean that, should Apple decide they want to use the technology, they can and it is entirely possible that we will one day be seeing curved glass products from the Cupertino Company.

Source : PatentlyApple