Apple’s Budget iPhone Resembles iPhone 5 Design

Rumors about a cheaper iPhone have been doing the rounds for some time now. Some say that Apple are definitely working on a budget phone, others say it will be a mini phone, and yet others say it isn’t going to happen.  As per usual though, the concept designers are out in force  with the latest one coming from french website

Designer Martin Hajek has come up with a cool design of a phone that is basically a mini iPhone 5.  Many of the rumors have been based around the budget phone being made of plastic but this design doesn’t reflect that at all. Rather, it is simply the iPhone 5, made of aluminum and glass but on a smaller scale.






It’s not clear whether simply shrinking the phone would give enough savings to be able to call it a budget phone; its more likely that, should this phone become a reality it will be made of different materials to reflect the expected vast difference in price.  While nobody really knows if this is ever going to be released, or will remain a pipe dream forever, take a look at the photos of Hajek’s design and see what you think of the iPhone 5 Mini.