Apple to Aquire WAZE to Fix iOS 6 Maps

We all remember Apple’s public humiliation over their decision to drop Google Maps in favor of their own, completely disastrous attempt. Not only did it fail but iOS 6 users also lost access to Google. Google have no released their own iOS 6 Maps app but Apple are still hankering after getting theirs up to scratch. Obviously they cannot do this by themselves and the latest rumors indicate that they are now looking to acquire Waze Maps.

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Waze is one of the cleverest Maps Apps, with around 30 million users, and it uses real-time driver input to direct travelers to their destination.  They were also one of Apple’s recommendations in their public apology over the Maps fiasco.  Apparently the negotiations have reached the stage of talking money with Waze wanting $750 million out of the deal and Apple offering $400 million plus $100 million in performance-based incentives.  If they can meet somewhere in the middle then maybe Apple will finally have their rescue package and their Maps can get back on track.

UPDATE: Yesterday’s rumours of Apple acquiring Waze have turned out to be a complete fabrication and there are no discussions taking place.  This rumor should be firmly filed in the same place as last month’s rumor that there was a 30% chance of Apple offering to acquire Tom-Tom – The file marked “Not Going To Happen”.