Apple Testing HDTV Prototypes

The late Steve Jobs always said that he wanted to change the future of television and it seems that Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple is thinking along the same lines. Apple TV is already a reality but something very different is in testing right now.

retina tv sony sharp

together with Hon Hai, their manufacturing partners Apple are rumoured to be testing a whole range of HDTV prototypes. Rumour also has it that display panels for the prototypes range from 46 to 55 inches with several different designs being tested as well. Although we are definitely not going to see one this year, the likelihood of a 2013 release is also liking unlikely. It seems that Apple may start shipping sometime in 2014 at the earliest.

Of course, as with everything, all of this once again remains to be seen. Apple’s success in the television arena will depend on a couple of things, one of which is price. We’ve seen some recent reports of wonderful ultra HDTV sets coming out but with price tags that are way beyond the reach of the average consumer so Apple need to consider if they can bring this in at an affordable level. The other consideration is the resolution. Our tastes have changed and we all want the best money can buy so again, Apple need to consider the cost of bringing HDTV with a minimum resolution of 1080p to the people at a price we can all afford.

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