Apple Testing SIRI on iPhone 4

According to sources we have come to know that Apple is testing its revolutionary voice activated assistant SIRI on iPhone 4 and other iOS 5 supported devices . Apple is apparently testing a build of iOS 5 , which includes SIRI support for the iPhone 4 . At the moment SIRI is exclusively available on iPhone 4S . iPhone 4S uses A5 dual core processor and high fidelity microphone , both key hardware features that leverage Siri’s powerful capabilities .

siri iphone 4S

iPhone Dev Team has already carried out tests to port SIRI on iPhone 4 via jailbreaking and it works . You can check out the tutorial of porting SIRI GUI on iPhone 4 here . Dev Team has already proved that there is no technical reason why SIRI cannot work on non-iPhone 4S devices .

Here is a video of SIRI in action on iPod Touch 4 ported using jailbreak method .

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