Apple Selling Refurbished Products on Ebay

For those of you that are looking for an iPhone or an iPad but can’t quite bring yourselves to pay full price, then head on over to Ebay. And don’t just pick on any seller either. Look for “refurbished_outlet” (link below) and you will find what looks to be an outlet store selling Apple Certified Refurbished Products at knock down prices.

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What is a little unclear is whether it is actually Apple who have opened up the store or if it is an authorized seller. Certainly, when you enter the store there is a large notice that says:

“This seller has been authorized by Apple Inc. to sell Apple Certified Refurbished products on eBay.”

which would suggest that the store is owned and operated by a seller who has permission from Apple.  However, there have been a few rumors that it is Apple themselves and they are running an understated, quiet trial to see how it takes off and if this could be another successful outlet for their refurbished products line.

Certainly, since its inception on the 19th October this year, the store has carried out a total of 855 transactions and has a feedback of rating of 99.5% so it looks as if the devices are being shipped of the shelves at a fairly steady pace.  The question is, what are you getting for your money ?  Well, you are getting a device that has been fully refurbished back to as new condition. New batteries are supplied with iOS devices, the original operating system is reinstalled and the product is repackaged with manuals and cables.  You also get the same Apple 1 Year Limited Warranty that is supplied on all of their refurbished products.

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To be honest, it doesn’t matter if it is Apple who are managing this store or an authorized seller. 99.5% of buyers can’t be too far wrong in their assessments and it’s another option for purchasing refurbished Apple products at a great price, especially when they have an Apple Certified label on them.

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