Apple Received their $1 billion payout from Samsung in nickels ?

A story currently gaining momentum on the Internet is that this morning more than thirty armored trucks pulled up to Apple’s head office in California to deliver their money from the successful court case against Samsung last week , in nickels.

samsung apple cash trucks damage payment

Security was about to send the trucks away when the CEO from Samsung called Tim Cook (Apple CEO) to explain that the trucks did, in fact, hold their money from the court case.  It has been said that law experts have confirmed the legitimacy of Samsung’s actions by saying that if the court order did not specify in what denomination the payment was to be made then it was up to the guilty party to decide, provided the money is in the correct currency.  Although this would be an interesting way to get their own back on the American company it does not tally with Samsung’s insistence that they will appeal against the decision.

Could this be Samsung realising they cannot defeat Apple and therefore making it as hard as possible for them to celebrate their victory ? Imagine the manpower needed not only to unload the vans but also to count it, sort it and then take $1 billion worth of nickels to the ban k? It would be impossible for the bank to accept such a physically enormous amount of money causing delay, hassle and unforeseen aggro for everyone involved.

Or is this a clever hoax made up by people who wish they could that very thing to Apple? And if it is a hoax then Apple need to watch out, Samsung may have been given a rather mischievous idea…

Update : Is this the image of Apple HQ where the Samsung trucks are being unloaded ? We’re waiting for the confirmation .

samsung trucks unload coins

Update 2 :

The blog confirmed that Samsung’s fine of $1.049 bn isn’t yet payable . The judge hasn’t ruled. All we have is the jury’s verdict. So this story is only a hoax .

Some more fact-checking from readers – “A nickel weighs 5 gms. It would take 2,755 18-wheeler trucks (max legal tare 80,000 lbs) to carry the money.”