Apple to Release 8 New Products

Problems earlier in the year due to production issues have caused delays for Apple and the announcement of their eight new products. Because of this the possibility of all eight being released by the end of 2012, and even within the next two months, is strong.

apple product line 2012

Among the new devices will be the long-awaited iPhone 5 , with a bigger screen 4-inch and updated touch sensors, that Apple will announce on the twelfth of this month. The delay of the new phone is said to have been the problems integrating the new touch sensors, rather than the old touch sensor layer, into the bigger screen.

Expected Launches :

  • iPad Mini : Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities said that we could also expect the iPad mini to hit the shelves. A smaller, lighter version of its full size counterpart, the iPad mini will have a smaller 7-inch screen.
  • iPad Original : As well as the mini a new full-sized iPad is expected, the only main difference between the new and old model being the new 9-pin dock connector.
  • The 13-inch MacBook Pro is likely to come with retina display, starting prices of $1,100, and we are going to see an updated 27-inch iMac.
  • A new iPod Touch and Nano are predicted. The iPod Nano will have iCloud capabilities and be able to download wirelessly from the iTunes store. The iPod Touch is said to have been redesigned.
  • Rumors of a new 21.5-inch iMac are also circulating and although neither of the iMacs will feature retina display the news is exciting and Apple appear to be keeping quite tight-lipped about certain aspects of their new and improved devices.

apple-2012-iphone 5

So along with the iOS 6 scheduled for release this autumn as well as a potential of eight new and improved products we can say with some certainty that Christmas might have come early .

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