Apple Now Selling Officially Unlocked iPhone 5 in US

Want a brand new iPhone 5 that is unlocked ? One that you can just pop your sim card in and away you go ?  In the run up to Christmas, Apple have started a quiet release of the iPhone 5, unlocked, sim and contract free.  The unlocked iPhone 5 will work on any GSM wireless network such as AT&T or T-Mobile but not on CDMA-based ones, like Verizon or Sprint.

iphone 5 unlocked price

Unlocked phones are a great choice for those who don’t want to be tied into a contract or who want to use a cheap local sim when they are abroad.  Obviously you won’t get a  nano sim with your unlocked iPhone 5 so you will have to purchase one from the carrier of your choice. To start using your unlocked iPhone 5, simply insert the your new nano sim into the sim slot, power up the phone and follow the instructions that will appear on-screen to set up your iPhone 5.  Once you’ve done that you can start using it. You will find all of the features of an iPhone 5 bought on contract except for a wireless contract.

The unlocked iPhone 5 can be purchased in either Apple retail stores or online. To buy online go to Apple’s web store and find the menu named ” or get iPhone unlocked and sim free. This is well hidden below the carriers image and placed as a drop down menu .  There you will find a list of the unlocked devices and a price list. Prices for the unlocked iPhone 5 are

  • $649 for the 16GB model
  • $749 for the 32GB
  • $849 for the 64GB

They may be  a little on the pricey side, especially if you are used to paying contract prices but whether it is worth it or not very much depends on whether you are prepared to pay the price now or wait out your contract.