Apple loses UK appeal – Have to run “Samsung didn’t copy Us ” ads

Apple has lost it’s appeal in a British high court after claiming that Samsung tablets were copying the iPad. The ruling, that is effective throughout Europe, was decided on the basis that the Samsung tablets were not ‘cool enough’ to be mistaken for an iPad. Although this is a compliment to Apple’s design:

They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design. They are not as cool. The overall impression produced is different.


galaxy tab vs iPad 3

It is one of an unintentionally backhanded nature as Apple will now have to run Ads on its website and certain in newspapers telling the nation that Samsung have not infringed any patents or copied any designs in order to dispel any negative associations now attached to the company.

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Although Apple have the right to appeal to the Supreme Court this seems to be an unlikely course of action and as it could very easily turn out to be a huge waste of Apple’s time and money.

Samsung responded to the decision by saying :

We continue to believe that Apple was not the first to design a tablet with a rectangular shape and rounded corners.

Apple are not yet available for comment. This ruling, in Europe at least, should put an end to the constant lawsuits as it prohibits any further claims by either of the two companies in relation to tablets and iPads, although whether this will stop the infringement battle between the iPhone and Samsung’s old and new models will remain to be seen.

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