Apple iTV 2013 – Concept Interface

We’ve all read the predictions from Gene Munster that Apple iTV will be launched in 2013 so it wasn’t going to take too long before people started to think about what they wanted it to look like and start producing their conceptual design ideas. Over at The Verge that’s exactly what has happened.  Forum user “Knowledge” has submitted a series of designs as to how he thinks Apple iTV should look.  First of all, he has merged the current slimline aluminum and glass look of the iMac with the brains and the iOS from the likes of the iPhone 4s and the iPad 2.  Ok, so it will look a little like the current Apple TV but it will have a multitude of features not found on that one. features like :

  • A full application interface;
  • Multi-touch screen;
  • Siri voice-activated remote control;
  • 3-D viewing without glasses – this isn’t likely to happen unfortunately, partly because of the cost involved and partly because Apple don’t do glasses so they are likely to wait until the technology is a bit more advanced, and cheaper before they implement it.

The concept calls for a set-top box that will pull entertainment from just about anywhere -DLNA devices, cable or satellite, iTunes and YouTube to name just a few.  In short, one big unified interface that centralizes everything and even has electronic program guides.

Siri would be used as a voice-activated remote control, to change channels, set up program recording, playing media, even down to finding available content on the iTunes store.

There are also loads of hardware features in this design concept as well, such as:

  • A FaceTime camera;
  • HDMI;
  • Bluetooth;
  • USB;
  • Airplay;
  • DLNA/Miracast;
  • Optical Audio;
  • Built-in DVR with 1TB of storage;
  • Thunderbolt – the ability to connect a large storage capacity device and play content from it, even if you can’t record on to it.


Of course, this is what we would like to see, but we actually do see could be something quite different. It’s not set in stone that Apple iTV will even be a reality, it could all just be rumor and pipe-dreams It could also be that Apple decide to skip the standalone HDTV set and just launch an intelligent remote control to go with your old Apple TV instead.  It really is a case of watch this space and hope that, should it become reality the developers team over at Apple take on board some of the concepts floating around in their designs and listen to what their consumers want.