Apple is the Worlds Most Valuable Company

Apple is now ranked Worlds Number One company according to its market value . Apple overtook Exxon Mobile corp to become worlds most valuable company .  Apple’s market cap* briefly passed Exxon Mobil yesterday reaching $341.55 billion in valuation.

apple stocks share prices

Exxon Mobil earlier named Standard Oil was established in year 1870 and its been there as the top company for over a century . Apple gained the second position after a record-breaking quarter last month . It’s a great achievement for a 30-year-old company which was once struggling to stay in the market , surpass Exxon even if briefly  .

*Market Capitalization or Market Cap is a measurement of business value based on share price and number of shares outstanding.

apple-apple-store-new york

Because of the innovative technology in their products , Apple has gained unprecedented growth and success in the last decade . Their most succesful products the iPhone and iPad has created a craze for Apple products among consumers both young and old . At this time of economic difficulties , Apple gadgets are still selling like hot cakes .

Good Luck Apple !

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