Apple is Now the 2nd Largest Mobile Manufacturer in US Overtaking LG

For the first time in their history, Apple have managed to knock LG Electronics off its perch, to take 2nd place in the list of mobile manufacturers in the US.  Samsung remain at the number one spot.  The report comes from comScore, world leaders in measuring the digital world and identifying market trends.  In July 2012 Apple were comfortably in 3rd place, holding 16.3% of the market share, with LG on 18.4% and Samsung on 25.6%.

top mobile phone maker united states 2013

The latest report, for the 3 month period ending October 2012 tells a slightly different story.  Although Samsung remain in the number one spot, with an increase of 0.7% to 26.3%, Apple and LG have swapped places.  Apple increased their share by 1.5 points to 17.8% adn LG fell into 3rd place with 17.6%.  Motorola and HTC remain in 4th and 5th places respectively.

As well as market shares for manufacturers, comScore also  takes a look at smart phone platforms and mobile usage. Google’s Android platform remains the top OS with 53.6% of the market surveyed and Apple is still in 2nd place with iOS at 34.3%. Although they have registered a slight increase of 0.9% they are still lagging a little. RIM is continuing its downward spiral, registering the largest drop of 1.7%. with Microsoft and Symbian sleeping peaceful in 4th and 5th places.

76% use their mobile devices for texting, whilst 54.5% use it for downloading apps and 52.7% for web browsing.  Social networking and game playing also registered increases, showing that more and more are seeing their mobiles as an essential piece of daily life, rather than just using it as a phone.

Whilst there is very little between LG and Apple in the manufacturing stakes, it is a little embarrassing for the Korean-based company. However, it is good news for Apple and shows that, just maybe they are getting it right again with their latest devices and confidence is on the increase.