Apple iPhone is the First Choice of Generation Y in the United States

Generation Y is the group of people who are the most responsible for iPhone purchases in the USA. The age group of the group is between 24 and 32 and data from Forrester Research in the USA shows that 29% of Generation Y uses the iPhone as their primary phone, while 20% use Samsung.  72% of those polled in the group own a smart phone and 25% own a tablet of some description.  Virtually the whole group uses their device for sending text messages while 70% use it for surfing the internet. Generation X is the next age group and 24% of those polled own an iPhone.



iPad demands teens_survey_nielsen

Across the whole range of smart phone owners in the USA, Samsung are top with a 24% market share, followed by Apple at 18%. Surprisingly, LG also hold an 18% share. While Apple products tend to attract the younger, more technologically savvy group, the LG smartphones seems to appeal to older users.22% of the Golden Generation, those over the age of 65, own an LG smartphone , 6% have an iPhone and 27% own a Samsung smartphone.

4th in the USA smartphone market share stakes is Google-owned Motorola with 12%, HTC are in 5th place with 8% and in joint 6th with 5% each are Nokia and Blackberry.