Apple HDTV with iOS – Coming Next Year

iOS powered Apple Television Sets can become a reality soon according to reports . There have been rumors that Apple is planning on launching HDTV Displays by next year . These tv sets which will be called iTV will begin production in February in technical collaboration with Sharp, Japan for the TFT – LCD Panels .

Apple HDTV

In the recently released biography of Steve Jobs , author Walter Isaacson has written that Jobs wanted to redefine television with a HDTV combined with Apple TV that would integrate with all the existing features available on iOS like iCloud , iTunes and other iOS devices (iPhone iPad and iPod Touch) and Macs . It may even support SIRI for hands free controls . Jobs hinted at a completely new product that would feature “the simplest user interface you could imagine “.

This development has sent other TV manufacturers in panic mode as they are reaching to identify what the features of this new product may be . Android Operating System is seen as a countermeasure for Apple’s anticipated iOS powered Television Sets .

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