Apple Finds New Way to Screw Your iPhone 4

That is right , Apple Computers have devised a new method to screw your iPhone 4. We know that Apple doesn’t want its users to mess around with its gadgets and play with its hardware like Team iFixit . To stop that from happening they have recently introduced a new type of screw which are different from the usual Phillips screws [image below – courtesy iFixit].

iphone 4 screws

These screws are not to be confused with Torx five point screws that you have already seen . The image below will give exact design of the screw head.


These new screws are called Pentalobular screws , and the drivers for these screws are not available . As far as I can understand from the video below , you need some kind of permission from Apple to purchase compatible screw drivers making the modding of your iPhone 4 tough job. On top of that , the next time you bring your iphone 4 for repairing , the guy in the service centre will replace your existing Phillips screws with the new Pentalobular screws .

Let us know what you think about the new tamper proof screws from Apple . Use the comment box below .

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