Apple Files Lawsuit against Samsung over Galaxy Note 10.1

No matter how cold this winter is going to be, things are definitely hot for Samsung these days, as Apple’s relentless and unforgiving market dominance doesn’t allow for failure or mistakes, let alone competition. This time, adding to the previous lawsuit that Apple won over Samsung and that saw the Korean company fined in more than a whopping $1 billion for infringing several Apple patents and that received a cross-complaint from Samsung alleging that Apple’s iPad and iPod violated 8 of its patents in return, the discordance axis lies on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and its operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

galaxy note 10.1 vs iphone 5

This reaction is certainly retaliation for Samsung’s claims that the iPhone 5 is infringing their patents, and more recently (following the release of the new iPhone in September) for patent infringement as well, and as usual the clash of the titans takes place as after that Apple decided to file the above mentioned lawsuit targeting the Jelly Bean OS, and didn’t even oppose to add the iPhone 5 to the mix. Confused? You ought to be, as it seems that these lawsuits are here to stay and that, best case scenario, this definitely won’t be the last time we have heard from both companies.

As a U.S. judge (John Paul Grewel) allowed Samsung to carry on with the iPhone 5 claims as the company “presented the case with due diligence”, Apple’s soon followed and were allowed as well for the counter-lawsuit. The magistrate warned Apple, though, to reconsider the future opposing of amendments of new products, as Samsung may when the time comes.

Both companies’ legal representatives declined any comments, but stay tuned as this epic battle is far from over.