Apple Confirms iPhone 5 – Announces Date

The original iPhone was released 9th January 2007. Five years later and Apple are introducing the sixth generation – the iPhone 5 . The speculation over the name of this phone has been widespread and subject to a lot of debate.

iphone releases till date iphone 5

Would the sixth iPhone be called the iPhone 6 ? Or would it follow in the steps of its predecessors and be named the iPhone 5, after the release of the 4S ? It seems pretty clear that Apple don’t make too much fuss over naming their gadgets chronologically and from the beginning when they released the first version of the iPhone, and then a year later the updated version sporting the ‘S’ we’ve all come to know.  The conjecture seems to have come to an end after Apple sent out the press invites for their event being held on September 12th. The image on these invites has caused the frantic guesswork to be replaced by certainty that the ‘5’ in the shadow of the ‘12’ is in reference to the iPhone, which is expected to be announced at the event.

iphone 5 launch date

However, fives years on from release of the original could be what the shadowy ‘5’ is in reference to. It is certainly unlike Apple to give away any information before their events. Although the media, websites and most Apple savvy fans are 99% sure that this year will be the iPhone 5 year let’s not forget that there could be other reasons and not jump to conclusions.

The redesign of this iPhone with it’s larger screen, touch sensors and sleek new back do make this, if we follow Apple’s previous examples, an excellent contender for the ‘5’ title. The iPhone 4 was a complete redesign of the 3GS and so might this one be of the 4S. Only time will tell. What do you think ?

Sample iPhone 5 Render :


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