Apple applies for Patent to Remotely Disable Jailbroken Iphone

Apple Inc. has applied for a patent that will empower it to disable or deactivate features of iDevices (iphone , ipod , ipad) running on iOS firmware remotely , without the permission of its user. After iOS 4.0.1 was jailbroken early this month , Apple has been trying hard to keep its users from making unauthorized changes to its devices by released iOS 4.0.2 firmware which completely patches the “PDF Exploit” , used by the Iphone Dev team in order to jailbreak iphone 4.

Since Jailbreak was made legal in US , it has become increasingly tough for Apple to keep up with hackers , and the latest move is an attempt to fight against jailbreaking and other forms of unauthorized changes to their devices.

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Source : Ars Technica