AntiVirus for Mac

If you regularly follow our blog for iPhone 4 updates , you may know that Apple released a 3rd party Antivirus / Anti-malware for iOS in app store. What you may not know is that they also released an accompanying antivirus in the Mac App Store for OSX . It’s the same antivirus named Virus Barrier , and the best thing about the OSX version is , it’s completely Free to Download .


Download VirusBarrier antivirus from Mac AppStore here . You can also download the pro version which gives greater security and added features mentioned below .

  • Detects & repairs Mac OS X malware
  • Detects & repairs Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents
  • Detects & eradicates Windows executables
  • Detects & eradicates PDF malware
  • Detects & eradicates Flash malware
  • Detects & eradicates keyloggers & hacker tools
  • Detects & eradicates malicious scripts (PHP, Java, Perl, JavaScript, shell script & more)
  • Detects & eradicates Linux malware
  • Scans zip archives

The pro-version is available for $9.99 . Download here .