AntiVirus For iPhone Download

iOS is one of the safest mobile operating system, but with the rise in jailbreaking , Apple has decided to come up with an 3rd party anti-virus , anti-malware scanner for iPhone’s . With the frequent iOS update releases to fix and patch security issues , Apple may now just release updates for the only officially available antivirus they have come up with named VirusBarrier .

Image : iPhone Antivirus Download



VirusBarrier is the one and only antivirus /anti-malware for iPhone iPod Touch and iPad that scans files and other data which we keep sharing among other devices . VirusBarrier will automatically scan and detect . Apple said that there are no known malware for iPhone but infected files can flow through them into other devices like computers at home  and work or via remote locations like DropBox and iCloud .

Download :

Download VirusBarrier official antivirus for iPhone for $0.99 from iTunes here

UPDATE 25/01/2015

Image : iPhone 6 Virus Cleaned


In recent times, Apple has been the subject of several security attacks, mostly via iCloud. However, it seems that the number of hacking attempts on iOS devices is on the rise and, as such, it is more important than ever that your device is fully secured. VirusBarrier has been updated and now supports all iOS firmwares up to and including iOS 8. You should also enable Apple’s two-step verification to add a further layer of security to your device.

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