Anti- Theft App for iPhone 4 – McAfee WaveSecure

Renowned Anti-Virus maker McAfee has launched Anti Theft app for iPhone 4 . McAfee WebSecure provides essential mobile protection to your iPhone 4 and secures your personal data in the event of Theft or Loss .

anti theft iphone 4 white

Features :

  • WebSecure allows you to locate and track your stolen / lost phone
  • BackUp and Restore personal data like contacts and media
  • Upload your contact to McAfee Cloud Space
  • Wipe Contacts from lost device

Alternative Apps : MobileMe . Free iPhone iPod Touch iPad Tracking app from Apple .

Download :

McAfee WebSecure is available for $19.99 in iTunes . Link . At this price we think it is more expensive while we can get all these features for Free using Find My iPhone and iCloud .