Anti-iPhone 5 Ads by Samsung

If there’s one bit of advice I could give to Samsung when they are declaring openly in newspapers and magazines that they hold the iPhone 5 in contempt and believe, unsurprisingly, that their own models are much better, it is this: Do it right. Samsung, already been made to look the fool over their lost court case, are standing dangerously close to a precipice that they could easily, with one slip, tumble-down into.

The ad opening with the line, “It doesn’t take a genius” will make anyone who is slightly Apple savvy open their mouth and shake their head in disbelief.

The original Anti-iPhone Ad by Samsung :


Genius, in reference to Apple’s Genius Bar, seems an unlikely point of attack, as it is something that Apple owners will hold very dear. The ‘Genius’ in the title refers to the people behind the counter who come to your aid when your Apple device is not behaving itself. The fact that Apple offer as much for free as possible shows that yes, they sue people, but they also help their customers as much as they can before charging them. Can that be said of Samsung, or many other companies ?

The other thing that Samsung has done, and this has not gone unnoticed, is the listing of all their OS features and, um, none of Apple’s.

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I actually got embarrassed for Samsung at this point. Anyone who is following the whole saga between the companies will know enough to realize that Samsung stopped listing Apple’s specifications as soon as it got to the ‘creative’ section. Why ? Because this is the part that really sells Apple’s products. This is why consumers choose Apple’s iPhone with its not-as-good battery life and smaller screen because Apple are creative visionaries who are always perfecting and changing the ideas behind their apps and their operating system.

iphone 5 vs samsung galaxy s3 difference

How many times as customers do we complain about the supermarket changing the shelves around, or changing packaging on a product? How many of us use the expression, ‘If it’s not broken why fix it’? Apple constantly update their features but they don’t sell their products on gimmicks. The iPhone doesn’t look like a pebble; it has looked the same way for ages – why? – because it’s not broken and they had no reason to fix it. And that is why Samsung, hopefully shamefacedly, left out all of Apple’s inbuilt apps like Guided Access and Assistive Touch, the apps that help those with physical and mental disabilities to communicate, and it’s the things like this that make an Apple device a serious consideration for those who can make use of these kind of features, whether a teacher, parent or carer.

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Samsung_3 vs iPhone 5

Apple isn’t out to make as much money as possible from as many different kinds of products as possible. It is out to perfect what it has without “fixing what isn’t broken”. Apple will always come on for stick and, no this isn’t an exaggeration, hatred because, let’s face it, they are very different to every other company out there.

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