Android to be Ported on Iphone 4 Soon

We have reports that Android OS may be ported on Iphone 4 iOS 4.1 soon , at least the tweets from members of the iPhone Dev Team say so . Earlier, Froyo (Android 2.2) was successfully ported on iPhone 3G and Ipod Touch 3G , its time to have it on Iphone 4 now .

Android_on_iPhone 4

CPICH aka Cpich3g , a member of iPhone Dev was successful in patching the kernel  to accept oversized NOR images, and now they are a step closer to userland idroid installation . I have no idea what does that mean , but i assume it means close to success .


@pod2G who discovered the shatter exploit [on iPod touch 4 , Apple TV ] confirmed the above statement when asked by a user about possible porting of Android over iOS .

Please Note : Since iPhone & Android OS  don’t get along well , power management is not well optimized for the iPhone when it runs on Android OS . You may notice quick drop in battery meter within a few hours of use . But it’s a great idea if you want to try out Android on the hardware of Iphone 4.