Airplay Alternative – Belkin Bluetooth Receiver

Apple has added a great feature on iPhone called Airplay that lets you stream music wirelessly to speakers , but this feature is limited by few available Airplay Speakers . You cannot have your music play on your favorite home stereo . Here is a solution we came across . Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver is the best choice for iPhone users who want to stream music to their audio system and costs much less than any Airplay enabled system . Read more below.

belkin bluetooth receiver for iphone ipod touch

Pros :

  1. Cheap .
  2. Very portable .
  3. Connects with 6 different devices including iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad and other bluetooth enabled mobile phones and laptops .

Cons :

  1. Limited by bluetooth connectivity and maximum distance of 10 metres
  2. May cause interference with some other wireless devices like wireless mouse etc .

How to Use with iPhone :

  1. First connect and power up the receiver with your home audio where you want to listen to the music
  2. Now go the homescreen of your iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad and navigate to Settings > General > Bluetooth bluetooth receiver airplay alternative
  3. Turn on bluetooth and select the device (Belkin B13) and tap on “Not Connected” to connect . The blue light on the receiver must light on now .
  4. Launch your music app and tap on the Stream icon as shown in the image below iphone airplay enable
  5. Select the device where you want to stream the audio (image below).  airplay iphone 4s

Please note that the device can be discoverable only when it is not connected to any other bluetooth device. Maintain the distance of not less than 10 metres from the bluetooth receiver and avoid obstructions like walls and furniture to minimize interference and audio distortion

Price : $49 . Buy Now .