Add Second Screen to iPhone 5 using PopSlate SmartCase

Calling all iPhone 5 owners. Is one screen enough for you on your iPhone or do you feel that you could make use of a second one ?  Thanks to Indiegogo and their new iPhone 5 case you could soon be adding a second screen to your device.  Called popSLATE, the case not only protects your iPhone but also gives you another display on the back, using E-Ink technology.

popslate iphone 5

Those of you that use the Kindle will be familiar with E-Ink and its black and white display with high quality graphics.  The case itself is compatible only with the iPhone 5 and will sport a 4″ diagonal rugged screen that, Indiegogo say, is almost indestructible.  So, how will this new, second screen work ? Quite simply, it will take its power from the iPhone by using the lightning connector.  It incorporates “always-on” technology but as power usage is absolutely minimal don’t worry about your iPhone dying on you.  As with the Kindle, power is only used when the screen changes, hence the reason that, with wireless capability switched off, the Kindle battery can last for up to a month before it requires recharging.

PopSlate on YouTube :

Features :

The popSLATE screen will also have touchscreen capabilities, using the accelerometer in the iPhone 5.  And one other, excellent advantage? As opposed to glossy LCD screens, the E-Ink screen is perfectly readable in bright sunlight.  The screen can be customised with your own photos, or used as an e-reader or you can access all the contents of your iPhone through it, even if your phone has gone into sleep mode or standby.  Download the popSLATE app and you can use it to take photos, manage your libraries and connect with other users, sharing content between you. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Pricing  :

At the moment Indiegogo are working together with E-Ink to get the latest technology on to their case screens.  They need to raise $150,000 of funding within 48 days to get the case to manufacturing and already, within the first day they have raised $61,000. To help the popSLATE case become a reality, you can help them by pre-ordering yours now and getting it at the special price of just $79, instead of the proposed $119 when the case is launched in May 2013.

Source : Indiegogo