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Now that jailbreaking is on a downward spiral, it’s getting tougher for iOS users to find their favorite modifications and tweaks. Well now we can, with ACMarket. We have seen a large number of app installers released over recent times, many of which are bringing a little bit of Cydia to the table but, while they are offering a few tweaks and paid apps for free, we still haven’t been able to get Android apps on our iOS devices.

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What is ACMarket ?

ACMarket is an unofficial Android app store, packed with apps and games that could, at one time, only be installed on that platform. There are even many that can’t be installed from the Android app store or found anywhere else, but they will all work on your iOS device. However, we do need to advise you that you will need anti-virus software on your iPhone or iPad. Although ACMarket has been tested and declared safe and secure, the same may not apply to all the apps and games contained in it.

ACMarket Features :

Soon, we will be telling you how to download ACMarket on your device but first these are some great features:

  • Easy to download and install
  • Free to use and all content is free 
  • Nice search feature to make looking for apps easy
  • No need to install Cydia
  • User-friendly app
  • Works on Android and iOS platforms
  • Plenty of official Android apps and games
  • Some apps and games modified with in-app features for free
  • A few themes to help you personalize ACMarket
  • Lots more features to discover

How to Download ACMarket :

Downloading ACMarket is very simple but you won’t be getting it from any app store, Instead, we are providing you with a full guide and download links so make sure you follow it properly:

Alternatives to ACMarket :

Not everyone will be satisfied with just Android content on their devices; some will want to try iOS tweaks and apps as well. There are plenty of app installers to choose form, with these two being very popular:

  • AppValley

If you are looking for a wide range of content to choose from, then AppValley may be just what you want.  With a handful of Cydia tweaks, several of your favorite ++ modified apps, like Pokémon Go++ and Snapchat++, other premium content that wont be found anywhere else and the all-important paid app store apps for free, there is plenty to make your choice from so click on the given link for a full AppValley download guide.

  • Emus4U

Emus4U is the installer of choice for those who used to download emulators from Cydia and now can’t. These emulators are the only way for us to play games console games on our iOS devices, like those form the PS1 and the Nintendo. But that’s not all; you can also have your paid apps for free, lots of modified content and other apps you won’t find anywhere else along with a few other Cydia tweaks. If you want to download Emus4U [ext link], check out the given link.

ACMarket is a godsend, not just to iOS users who got used to downloading whatever they wanted through Cydia but to Android users who have never been able to do that. For the most part, Android users have been stuck with what the app store offered and, these days, jailbreaks are so few and far between that iOS users are in the same boat. With ACMarket, that changes and we can all download whatever Android apps we want.

Tell us how you get on with ACMarket and follow us on Facebook for more updates and tips like this one.



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