8.5″ SmartPhone by Huawei in Works

Monster smartphones are on the rise, it would seem.  Samsung have already released one with a 5.5” screen, with talks of the Galaxy Note 3 having one at 6.3”. One would think that was big enough for a phone but apparently not.  Tweets have surfaced about a whopping 8.5” smartphone from Huawei, complete with photos of the device. A Russian tech writer, by the name of Eldar Murtazin made the tweets after seeing the device at a Huawei show.

huawei 8 inch phone

Whilst Huawei themselves have neither confirmed nor denied the rumours, they have categorically stated that they are bringing out a 6.1” 1080p quad-core smart phone running Jellybean. It is perfectly possible that the monster device is that one, with an overall size of 8.5”.

6” screens are becoming the norm amongst the manufacturers but that seems to be a manageable size and one that consumers are happy with, if sales figures are anything to go by. However, holding what amounts to be something the size of a tablet to your ear to make a phone call?  We are not sure just how practical that would be and not everyone wants to walk around with a Bluetooth set glued into their ears.  To put in some perspective, the iPad Mini from Apple measures in with a screen size of 7.9”   and that is a tablet, not a phone.

Whilst it may make sense to add phone capabilities to the tablets, it is not really a practical way of talking while on the move. Moreover, on top of that, tablets that already incorporate cellular technology are far more expensive than Wi-Fi models so we could be looking at a potentially high price hike if this goes ahead.

On the subject of the Huawei 8.5” monster, though, it is wait and see time again. CES and MWC are just around the corner and, if it is going to be a reality, we will be hearing more details in the very near future.