7 Useful Tips for iPhone SIRI Users

Unless you’ve been living on a deserted island for the last decade or so, you know too well how SIRI can be useful to you in certain situations. This voice controlled intelligent assistant lets you do the things you have to by just verbally saying them to it, like messaging, making calls etc. What’s really great about this application is that it does understand what you need, and if it’s missing something, it’ll ask about it, much like you, me or any other person. So having this in mind, what is it really capable of and what are the best uses for it ?

7 SIRI Tips that will make your Life Easier :


siri iphone 5 message

1. Phone Calls

As the name states it iPhone is a phone , and phones are primarily meant to make phone calls. Picture yourself driving, both hands occupied, and you need to make an urgent call to a relative; that’s ok : just say the relative’s name or what he or she is to you, like son, mother or wife and the phone will do it for you.

siri making calls to numbers

2. Check Emails, Compose Mails and Reply

This is a sweet feature as well : tell Siri “Check Email” and it’ll check your inbox, and if you’d like you can “Reply to (name” or even tell it “Send Email to (name)”, all of this done verbally. Why type when you can dictate and thus compose an Email faster?


3. Weather Forecasts

If you’re a traveling man, asking Siri “What’s the weather” like will save you plenty of time since you won’t need to search the Internet or even a manual application. Just choose location and you’re ready to go.


4. Alarm Setting

Do you need to remember something at a particular time and are afraid you might forget it? No worries: tell Siri to “Set an alarm for this time” and it will. Quite handy for busy days… like every day!


5. Sports, Games, Scores & More

Want to get a result on the Lakers-Heat game to check your online betting? Or maybe to know when will the upcoming game start? Then this is the perfect option, as you’ll just have to ask something like “when will the LA Lakers play” or whatever your question is to get a bona fide and fast answer. Just be precise, as many teams can be called “Rovers” in different sports, so in this case “the LA Lakers”.

siri sports

6. Text Messaging

We couldn’t obviously leave this one aside, as it’s still a very important communication method. Instead of using your fingers, use your tongue: just ask Siri to “Send text to (name) saying (message)” and it’s done instantly. Are you driving hands tied or just don’t like to type? Easy solution then!


7. Movie Times

You also need to relax and rest, sop nothing better than an assistant that tells you at what times are movies screening. You just have to ask Siri what are the show times available in your location: not only will the app tell you the times but also the theatres where the movies will be screened based on your actual location. Just brilliant!

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