7 inch iPad Coming in October

Recent rumors suggest that Apple may be working on a 7″ iPad 4 that will be priced around $200 . Apple may release this device in October 2012 . The new iPad will drop with the next iPhone for a fraction of the price of the original iPad with retina display . This will give the Samsung Galaxy tab and Kindle Fire a run for their money . In terms of features , the smaller iPad will be a scaled down version of its bigger sibling. All the features will be downsized to support the lower price point .

7 inch ipad 4

The features of the new iPad will be much like the iPod Touch but with a bigger screen resolution . So if a user comes up between choosing the $200 iPod Touch or the 7″ iPad , i don’t see a reason why they wont choose the latter .  Pleased leave your views in the comment section below . Do you want a 7 inch iPad or Apple should stick to the 9.5″ regular size tablet .

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