64 GB Iphone 4

Update : A 3rd party Verizon iPhone reseller is found circulating memos that mention iPhone 4 64GB model . It is possible that Apple may come out with exclusive versions of iPhone 4 in its 10th anniversary this year , which will also see Apple Store 2.0 .


Iphone 4 64GB prototype model has been leaked from Apple ‘s Foxconn manufacturing unit in Shenzen , China . According to MIC Gadget blog , anyone can purchase a 64GB limited edition iPhone 4 black from the grey market in HongKong .

64 GB iPhone 4

The video below shows this is a carrier unlocked iphone 4 running iOS 4.1 baseband 1.59.00 build 8B117 . This iphone 4 seems to be a prototype with looks of the iphone 4 aquired by Gizmodo last year before the official release leading to a controversy . This is clearly not a production model as there are no ‘+’ and ‘-‘ marking on volume keys and XXGB in the rear which should indiacate the total memory on the device].

64GB iPhone 4 model

Check out the iPhone 4 64 GB YouTube video below :

Curently Apple is selling 16GB and 32 GB versions of Iphone 4 in the market . It is expected that Iphone 5 may have a larger 64GB version when it is released in June later this year .