580% Rise in Android Malware in the Last 12 Months

The security firm, TrustGo, has conducted a survey of 1.7 million apps from over 175 different marketplaces that supply Android with content. In comparison with the 4,951 malware occurrences that were found in 2011 the presence of malware has risen by 580% this year to 28,797 occurrences.

android malware

This staggering increase, which must surely be a source of concern for Android owners, is made doubly as worrying by reports that the download of infected applications is on the rise and out of the Play Store’s Top 500 apps 23 were infected.

Out of the apps tested they were deemed to be infected with malware if they present the possibility of damaging the device or running suspicious processes that are invisible to the user such as tracking the user’s internet activity or trying to send data to remote servers.

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Over 175 million apps have reported to have been downloaded over the last year that contained malware and/or viruses. An android owner can protect themselves by downloading an anti-virus as well as being vigilant in their downloading habits. Even though, as mentioned before, the Top 500 apps have been infiltrated it is much better to stick to downloading apps from verified and trusted sources rather than unknown third-party companies.

Android tablet users are just as at risk and should follow the same advice to avoid their device being harmed, their personal details stolen as well as other, lesser, but still as unsavory, processes taking place unbeknownst to them on their device.