5 New iPhone 5 – iPad 2 Jailbreak Exploits Ready

P0sixninja from Chronic Jailbreak Team announced in the Jailbreak Fest held on 17th September at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London that there are 5 new jailbreak exploits ready to be revealed for jailbreaking iPhone 5 and iPad 2 even before the actual product (iphone 5) being released .

MyGreatFest-jailbreak convention

5 Userland Jailbreak Exploits :

These jailbreak exploits are userland jailbreak , which means they can be permanently fixed by Apple on their iOS upgrade patches . Unlike BootRom Exploits which are hardware based , Userland Jailbreaks are software based exploits which were found overtime by dev team during the beta testing phase of iOS 5 . Since this jailbreak is for iOS 5 , it will also be available for iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 and other iOS 5 compatible devices .

What does it mean to you ?

This means you will get a jailbreak for your iPhone 5 as soon as the product is available in the market . However this does not mean there will be any Ultrasn0w unlock solutions available soon for the phone and jailbreakers have no idea if the Gevey Sim based unlock will still work in the new hardware of iPhone 5 .

When is the iPhone 5 Coming anyway ?

We have no full proof information on when the product will be available in the market , but various leaks suggest a mid october date for official announcement . The phone is expected to be launched for Sprint aswell .

Redsnow gets massive Update :

Redsn0w , one of the favorite jailbreak tools is getting an update on iOS 5 with even more options to control and custom jailbreak iOS 5 . Read about Redsnow 0.9.8b5 for details

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