5 Funny iPhone Apps

Sometimes life can be get too serious. Sometimes we all feel like we want to forget about the stressful day at work, the boss from hell or the nagging wife,brother,sister or friend. Sometimes we just need a good old-fashioned laugh. Well if you have an iPhone and five minutes to download one, or all, of these apps you might be able to get just that.

All these apps, just like laughter, are free so go mad, be bad and have yourself a belly laugh.

1. Funny Pics. This is an app chock full of funny pictures. A horse taking a liking to a small boy in a car and scaring the pants off him, a military style baby and idiotic signs all feature in the app that promises to deliver, if not five minutes of solid laughter, then at least a lightening of the mood and a few good chuckles.

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2. Funny Ringtones is one that will brighten up your mood every time your phone rings, although you might need to remember to turn your phone off during an important meeting, especially if you have downloaded ‘Mr Hanky, The Christmas Poo’!¬†With ringtones that are festive, funny, silly or rude even if you don’t want one for yourself secretly download one onto your spouse’s, bother’s, sister’s. mother’s or father’s phone for an unexpected laugh to your victims intense surprise !

iphone 4 fun apps for kids

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3. Fat Booth has been a major hit with adults and kids alike. This good-natured fun will show you what you would like if you were immensely obese, and we’re not just talking double chin here! This is an app to pull out after dinner (and a drink) with friends. It can come up with some truly hilarious results and will definitely put a smile on your face.

fatbooth- fun apps iphone 5

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4. Atomic Fart Free. This is one for the kids, or least that’s what you can tell yourself . A hilarious app that is a bit more than your average fart simulator. this one has movement detection, 30 fart noises, a remote detonator, a Simon Farts game, timed farts and fart drums. This app could be used purely for personal laughs or put to a more mischievous use – it’s up to you!

fart apps iphone 5

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5. FML Official is an app that brings together the true, but unfortunate, experiences of normal people as told by them in a dry, dead-pan style. The genius of this app is that these people have uploaded their stories to be laughed at so you don’t have to feel guilty about having a chuckle when you read about the time a girl got caught sunbathing naked by her whole group of friends who had come over for a surprise birthday party. This app is guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips and laughter to your throat.

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So there are five apps to keep you smiling. Have you got any better ones? What’s the app you always turn to when you’re down ? Comment below and let us know .